Alejandra and resident

Pa’nibal welcomes a new Director of Operations

Pa’nibal is excited to have Alejandra Hernández (left in the photo above) as our new Director of Operations. Alejandra is joining our team after sixteen years of social work, activism and women’s advocacy. She’s the founder of two NGOs that advocate women’s rights, Centro Comunitario EducArte and Mujeres Artesanas de Paz, is formally educated in social work, psychology and philosophy, and brings with her a substantial network of community contacts and resources.

Alejandra briefs team

Alejandra briefs the team on policies and approaches.

As Director of Operations, Alejandra will be responsible for organizing programs, classes and workshops at Pa’nibal as well making final decisions on home regulations, residency policies and allocation of general use funds. She will also organize home activities, group therapy meal schedules and more.

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