A Pa'nibal resident watches her young son playing

Pa’nibal needs child care volunteers

Pa’nibal needs child care volunteers! If you like working with kids and want to contribute to the local Antigua & San Pedro las Huertas community, this could be a great opportunity to lend a hand and get involved in a way that really matters. The women and girls living at Pa’nibal will greatly benefit from your providing this invaluable service.

Get in touch using our contact form, or email me at eric@watersestebanfoundation.org or Meredith at meredith.g.higgins@gmail.com if you’re interested. Right now, we’re looking for someone to volunteer Monday and Thursday evenings. More details below.

Why child care?

Pa’nibal works to engage at-risk women and girls with real, ongoing opportunities for personal and professional development. We work to break the cycle of violence, poverty and resignation that keeps so many women and girls in Guatemala from living a fulfilling life free of domestic violence, sexism and marginalization.

Women living at Pa’nibal need time to attend workshops, vocational classes, pursue professional opportunities and engage in self-development. Providing reliable, safe and nurturing child care creates the space for our residents to pursue these vital experiences.

What are the immediate needs?

Pa’nibal is looking to improve our existing taekwondo based exercise and self-defense classes. We would like each of our residents to be able to attend without worrying about their children, and we would like to offer these classes, free of charge, to the local community. These sorts of community outreach programs build confidence in our services and extend our impact.

Community attendance to our classes means increased familiarity with our services. Women who know about Pa’nibal and what we do will grow to understand that they have concrete, practical options when confronted with domestic violence, sexual abuse and marginalization.

At present, we are looking for a child care volunteer that can provide two hours of care on Monday and Thursday evenings. Please get in touch to inquire about this opportunity.

What else can I do?

Do you have toys, children’s books, coloring books, markers, pencils or similar materials that you’d be willing to donate? Please let us know. Even if you don’t have time to volunteer, you can still help us set up this vital service.

Finally, Pa’nibal is always interested in working with volunteers. We’re working to create concrete opportunities and support systems that transform the lives and futures of Guatemalan women. And we need your help.

Your support makes what we do possible. A contribution of $100 monthly covers all the basic costs of one resident — meals, a bed, a safe place. Any amount makes a difference.

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