Kids at Casa Pa'nibal

Welcome to our new home!

Everything at Casa Pa’nibal is planned with certain objectives in mind. Planning a good future for our residents, planning our future investments, and planning our objectives for the short and long term are among those.

In the middle of all these plans there was also our move — something that we knew awaited us in the summer of this year. Choosing a house for Casa Pa’nibal has its peculiarities. Many things have to be taken into account to accommodate as many needs as possible: security, size, price, location, internet availability, accessibility for members of our community program, preparing the home for children and toddlers… so many things to think about!

The view from Pa'nibal

An early morning view from our terrace.

The big news is that in the midst of all these needs and priorities, we have found our new home and we want to tell you a little about it! If you arrived at Casa Pa’nibal today, we would probably be very excited to show you the beautiful view from our terrace with volcanoes that seem freshly painted before your eyes and a daily spectacle of different skies. Beyond that is the view of the city and a beautiful cafezal (coffee farm) that extends to the Volcán Agua in the distance. All this new scenery that surrounds us is pure inspiration — and without a doubt it cultivates a beautiful feeling of gratitude on a daily basis. Let’s just say… It’s a very good start!

Our next step would be to show you all the new accommodations that we have now. We are so excited about the fact that this house has much more space for children! We also have a dedicated play area, something very important for the development of skills such as moving around, sharing, and sharing space and attention with others.

Johanne crawling

One of the kids of Pa’nibal getting to know their new space.

Speaking of sharing spaces, we love our new study room! In our previous home, our study room was also the living room, and it was the entrance of the home which led to innumerable interruptions and distractions throughout the day. Now, we have this very important space tucked away in its own area of the home — separate from the living room, and away from the most trafficked areas of Pa’nibal. It is so much more suitable! A perfect place to focus on the most important aspect of our project: guaranteeing education — the fuel of social transformations and personal opportunity.

Our new study room, or salón de educación

Our new study room, or salón de educación

Another great piece of news is that in this house each resident has her own room. We have been hoping to establish this for some time as it really creates a sense of privacy and responsibility for the space. Many of our residents previously lived in situations where privacy — and time alone to reflect or be with their children — was a very limited luxury.

There are so many changes to our physical space that we could spend much more time describing them, but we can easily summarize with this:  we are very, very happy to be here!

A resident's room

Each resident at Casa Pa’nibal has their own room.

And as it turns out recent changes go far beyond the structure of the home itself. With our new and larger space we’re able to significantly grow and improve our volunteer program that has become such a powerful element of Casa Pa’nibal! We’re so excited to continue inviting volunteers into our home, and to be able to provide a comfortable living situation and a structured environment to work with us, our residents, and their kids.

Of course, we didn’t leave all of our challenges behind in our old home. Every day we engage with a variety of obstacles to help provide space for transformation in the lives of the women who count on our — and your — daily support. But you know what? We have new energy, new inspiration, and we’re so excited to keep developing our education programs and supporting the women and kids in our community.

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Casa Pa’nibal is 100% funded by private donors. Your commitment and generosity make what we do possible. Donate today to help provide a home, education, and future for women & kids that need it the most.

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