New beds; more space

Pa’nibal operates out of a two story home with space for about twenty women and children – assuming we had the furniture and staff to support such a population. Having just moved into the home in the summer, we’re still working to furnish family rooms, dormitories and common spaces. Until last week we had just six single beds (boxspring & mattress) and three palette beds – simple wooden frames with traditional fabric or kapok stuffed pads on top of them.

Mario and beds

Mario and his helper deliver three new beds from a local furniture store.

Thanks to a recent donation, we were able to purchase three brand new beds, bringing our total capacity up to around twelve. Within days we had three new residents.

One of the great things about being a small organization is having a very concrete sense for our limitations and growth opportunities. In some cases inviting three new women to live with us at Pa’nibal is as simple as being able to afford the beds.

Much of our current furniture came from a generous donation made by the Norwegian Embassy in Guatemala City. While that was an excellent start, we’re still very much in need of a dining room table, some desks, and eventually – once we have the staff to support a larger population – even more beds.

Are you interested in helping us create more space for new residents or better furnish our classrooms or offices? Visit the donate page to learn about our current needs, or get in touch with specific questions.

Pa’nibal welcomes a new Director of Operations

Pa’nibal is excited to have Alejandra Hernández (left in the photo above) as our new Director of Operations. Alejandra is joining our team after sixteen years of social work, activism and women’s advocacy. She’s the founder of two NGOs that advocate women’s rights, Centro Comunitario EducArte and Mujeres Artesanas de Paz, is formally educated in social work, psychology and philosophy, and brings with her a substantial network of community contacts and resources.

Alejandra briefs team

Alejandra briefs the team on policies and approaches.

As Director of Operations, Alejandra will be responsible for organizing programs, classes and workshops at Pa’nibal as well making final decisions on home regulations, residency policies and allocation of general use funds. She will also organize home activities, group therapy meal schedules and more.