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Being a woman in Guatemala

Guatemala suffers from a brutal legacy of women’s rights abuses and sexual violence exacerbated by oppressive poverty and an appalling lack of social programs.

Victims of domestic abuse and gang violence need your help.

Pa’nibal is a private women’s home that offers safety, support and opportunity for women of every age: childhood, adolescence and adulthood. You can help.



Finding Routine After Trauma

The women at Pa’nibal have lived far from what anyone I know…
Anita tells me she loves flowers and taking care of them. She spends a lot of time in Pa'nibal's garden.

A Resident's Story

I have been working with Pa’nibal in Sacatepéquez, Guatemala…

Pa'nibal's Newest Volunteer

My name is Ella, and I have been working with Pa’nibal in Sacatepéquez,…

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