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Education in Guatemala

Guatemala suffers from a brutal legacy of civil war, human rights abuses, gang violence, and political corruption. More than half of Guatemalans don’t complete secondary school, and more than half of Guatemalans live in extreme poverty characterized by a lack of physical security, justice, economic opportunity, and access to decent healthcare and nutrition.

Casa Pa’nibal is a private group home and community center that offers the safety, support, and education that can build a path out of poverty and towards real, lasting opportunity. We’re changing lives with education, and we need your help.


Eric on the Pa'nibal terrace

My move to Guatemala

After two years of managing Pa’nibal administrative processes…
Pa'nibal: Clara & Marco

Clara & Marco: A strong start

In the last days of June earlier this year, Clara’s husband…
Juan and I meeting with Irene and Louis of INCEDES.

Pa’nibal to organize as a Guatemalan NGO

Earlier this summer I met with Irene and Louis, the Vice President…

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