Volunteer at Casa Pa’nibal

Volunteers are a huge part of what we do at Casa Pa’nibal. We take a lot of pride in our volunteer program, our volunteers, and their incredible impact on our home. In so many ways volunteers help bring our mission to life. Their compassion creates a warm, encouraging environment for the women of Pa’nibal, and their commitment provides critical services — like childcare, education, and digital communication — that we need to create lasting impact.

At Casa Pa’nibal we encourage volunteers to consider working and living with us in order to impact, connect, and restore.

Volunteer Pa'nibal: Impact


Volunteers make what we do possible. In Guatemala a vast majority of young women never even begin secondary school.[1] The domestic violence survivors who come to live in our home need physical security and space to recover from trauma — but that alone cannot transform their lives. Longterm stability and independence in large part depend on their capacity to compete in the workplace, which in turn relies on a complete fundamental education. Our residents — most of whom by the age of 18-25 have completed just a few years of formal primary school education — need to learn reading, math, and other fundamentals to find work, establish financial security, and pursue a better future for themselves and their kids.

Volunteers have an incredible and lasting impact on the life trajectories of the women of Casa Pa’nibal. The cultural and socio-economic diversity of our volunteer program provide inspiration and ambition for our residents, and the day-to-day volunteer tasks like teaching, tutoring, and childcare create concrete, practical advantages that help our residents break into a new realm of opportunity. As a volunteer you will help women change their lives for the better — it’s that simple.

Pa'nibal Volunteer: Connect


Connecting with people from vastly different cultural and personal backgrounds can be so powerful. Not only do volunteers learn about being a woman in Guatemala — the women of Pa’nibal learn about being a woman in the wider world. We strongly believe in the curative effects of friendship and the capacity it has to widen perspectives, ignite hope, and sustain belief in the possibility of a different and better future. Whether you’re fluent in Spanish, a little rusty, or just setting out to learn we hope and trust that your relationships with the women of Pa’nibal will change both your lives.

Volunteers spend most of their time with the women of Casa Pa’nibal and their children. You’ll share good times and bad, as well as meals, chores, activities, plenty of down time, and the occasional movie night or birthday party.

Pa'nibal Volunteer: Restore


We firmly believe that rest and reflection are critical to being at your very best every day, and we make a point of giving our volunteers the space, privacy, and downtime they need to thrive. Volunteers that come to work with us are invited to live in a cozy and comfortable apartment attached to our primary home. The apartment — and our home — are inside of a safe gated community in a small pueblo nestled next to a coffee farm stretching up towards a nearby volcano. Volunteers have access to a simple kitchenette and high speed internet. The volunteer apartment is shared among all live-in volunteers, and bedrooms are either shared by two or private — generally depending on length of stay.

Casa Pa’nibal is situated just minutes away from beautiful and historic Antigua, Guatemala — a picturesque colonial town packed with inspiring architecture, dramatic landscapes, and a surprising, miniature metropolis full of quaint bars, live music, international cuisine, museums, parks, and cultural events. A wide variety of other beautiful and unique destinations are within a few hours journey from Antigua.

[1] Population with at least some secondary education, female (% ages 25 and older), Guatemala, 2019 http://hdr.undp.org/en/indicators/23906

Casa Pa’nibal is a project of Waters Esteban Foundation, a USA 501(c)3 charity. Our home is dedicated to promoting education as well as personal and professional development in women working to break free from domestic violence and poverty.

We are 100% funded by private donors just like you.